We are building the future of 

🌍 group travel

Because group travel is a pain in the ass 

and no-one is doing it right! YET. 

Building a Framework

We are not just interested in travel. But we see group travel as a massive problem to solve.

Finance/Travel/Life Services

Data-Led & AI Second

We are looking to build AI systems but due to our unique use case we are going to need data first. 

The Best Deals

With massive purchasing power we can drive down the cost of travel. The bigger the group the better the price.

A Global Reach

Our audience is global, we are building partnerships with some of the biggest carriers and group travel companies. 

20% Margins

Double Average Group Size

Variable Group Rate Pricing

Only Online Vendor With Live Group Quoting

Why Should You Be Interested?

$1 Trillion Market

We are currently raising a £450k pre-seed round. 

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Why Can We Deliver? 30 Years Travel Tech Experience